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The 2014 World Cup raised the hopes of the disabled and redefined how people look at technology when a paraplegic man named Juliano Pinto, who is completely paralysed from the lower torso down, used a mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton to perfrom the ceremonial first kick.

That robotic suit, which caught the world's attntion at Sao Paulo's Corinthians Arena in June, may end up redefining how we think about humanity.

Texas senators Cornyn and Cruz plan on taking apart President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, piece by piece, following the Republican Senate takeover. 

It should come as no surprise that the Texas Republican who filibustered an Obamacare funding bill for over 20 hours, is the one vowing to put an end to the president’s signature legislation and kill other legislative efforts by Democrats in the U.S. senate.

Here’s what US Senator Ted Cruz said during the  Republican victory party in downtown Austin.

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State Rep. Mike Villarreal is heading back to the Texas capital after an easy win on Tuesday. But, as TPR’s Ryan Loyd reports, his focus is on the mayor's seat in San Antonio.

The “it” word in politics right now is “shellacking.” That was how President Obama described how Democrats fared in Tuesday's midterm elections.

Many say that would summarize the situation in Texas, too. But Democrats like the State Rep. from San Antonio, Mike Villarreal, who did stand from Democratic-favored districts, did just fine.



The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio is adding on-site healthcare for thousands of parents whose young children are enrolled in Head Start, thanks to a new $600,000 grant from The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation.

The San Antonio program is considered a model for other cities in South Texas.

The first program at AVANCE’s Head Start Center on Castroville Road offered preventive and primary healthcare services for children up to the age of three, right at their school.