Planned Parenthood


An anti-abortion group has released a second undercover video of a Planned Parenthood executive discussing the process for obtaining fetal tissue and organs for medical research purposes.  In the video, two members of the group The Center for Medical Progress interview Dr. Mary Gatter, a former medical director of Planned Parenthood who still serves the organization, about the cost for obtaining fetal organs.



“(CMP member #1): Tell me what you really want?



Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman escaped from a maximum security prison last week. It is the second such escape the leader of the infamous Sinaloa drug cartel has made.  

Brutal, ingenious, and let's not forget short–el Chapo meaning 'shorty' in Spanish–the drug mastermind has reigned terror down on his enemies, rewarded his friends, and made millions of dollars in the interim from illegal narcotics.

Ryan E. Poppe

Over the weekend,  Gov. Greg Abbott ordered troops serving in Texas National Guard units to be armed while on base.   But those same security requirements appear not to be in place for recruiters working in the civilian population

Abbott’s order is in response to the shooting deaths of three Marines and a U.S. Navy officer at a Tennessee recruiting center.

Last week the City dismissed its citation against Joan Cheever for feeding the homeless. Cheever owns the Chow Train, a homeless feeding program that meets the homeless where they are, instead of at a centralized location.

Planned Parenthood

The group is under fire for a hidden video conversation between Planned Parenthood’s national director of medical research Deborah Nucatula and two members of the antiabortion group Center for Medical Progress.  The abortion opponents were posing as representatives from a medical research company and secretly taped the meeting.

In the video Nucatula describes in graphic detail what she calls harvesting fetal organs and tissue samples for research: