Liz Garza Williams

The San Antonio Symphony is taking music to one of the city’s most intimate places to view music being made.  Akiko Fujimoto is the Associate Conductor.

“We have the second Baroque concert of the season. We are performing the Brandenburg Concertos by Bach. Out of the six concertos we are performing numbers one, three and five. The odd-numbered ones.”

They’re performing the odd-numbered ones in a not-so-odd venue.

Texas Public Radio

LONDON — A British-accented militant who has appeared in beheading videos released by the Islamic State group in Syria bears “striking similarities” to a man who grew up in London, a Muslim lobbying group said Thursday.

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NEW YORK — Two men arrested on charges of plotting to help the Islamic State group were vocal both online and in personal conversations about their commitment and desire to join the extremists, with one of them speaking of shooting President Barack Obama to “strike fear in the hearts of infidels,” federal authorities said. The men were among three charged Wednesday with attempt and conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

Texas Public Radio

AUSTIN — The rabbi who defied Texas’ same-sex marriage ban, and wed a lesbian couple last week, led the morning prayer in the Republican-dominated Texas House on Wednesday, catching staunch supporters of the prohibition off-guard.

Rabbi Kerry Baker didn’t reference the nuptials, which are being challenged by the state attorney general, but urged lawmakers to pay special attention to people who are marginalized and to treat everyone equally. “It’s not enough to do what is good for the majority, but to do what is good for all of us,” Baker said.

SAN ANTONIO — At least one person was killed in the crash of a World War II-style aircraft that crashed near San Antonio in a large wooded area owned by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

San Antonio fire spokeswoman Deborah Foster says emergency crews reported no survivors at the site of the downed aircraft in Government Canyon State Natural Area, about 30 miles northwest of San Antonio. She said crew members were not certain about the number of people killed as the aircraft was a two-seater.