Katie Schoolov

On Fronteras:

-- President Obama has kept his promise. He took executive action on the nation’s immigration laws. We get reaction from San Antonio, Texas.

-- Anguish is mounting over the Mexican government’s response to the collective murders of 43 college students. The protests aren’t letting up and there’s a sense that this incident has started a movement that is going to stick.

-- We’ll hear how one school district in north Texas is educating a growing number of immigrant children, whose primary language isn’t English.

-City Heights could be San Diego’s “richest-poor” neighborhood. There’s been decades of philanthropic investment there. Two foundations have spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars in City Heights since 2000. So what's become of all that money? Are its residents better off?

Chanukah Programs Light Up KPAC & KTXI

Nov 21, 2014
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Two specials dedicated to the Festival of Lights brighten the airwaves on Monday evening, December 15, the day before the start of Chanukah. 

San Antonio Mastersingers

The San Antonio Mastersingers are tackling a classic. This one might not be familiar to everyone, but is a classic because of what it’s about.

“It’s actually a very little-performed piece, called ‘Lost in the Stars,’ by Kurt Weill.”

John Silantien conducts the San Antonio Mastersingers.

“It sort of traces this anti-apartheid tragedy in South Africa.  And we’ve also invited a number of singers from St. Phillip's College to join us. So the piece involves a black choir and a white choir.”

VIA Metropolitian Transit

The 100-year-old, 60-foot domed building of the VIA Metropolitan Transit’s new executive offices was once a passenger station of the Great Northern Railroad. These offices were part of Phase I of renovations. Phase II, currently in progress, will cover the transit plaza, serving VIA Primo and twelve VIA lines at 60 departures an hour.

Nan Palmero

With the Culinary Institute of America training chefs, regular appearances in the James Beard nominations and semifinalists, and blossoming restaurant and food truck scene, is San Antonio a culinary hot spot?

Can a town known for its breakfast tacos and other TexMex break out of its own stereotypes?


  • Chad Carey, Chef and Restaurateur who co-owns Hot Joy, Barbaro, The Monterey and more. 
  • Angela Covo, editor-in-chief for Edible San Antonio Magazine