White House

On Thursday President Obama announced a new proposal for free community college for those "who are willing to work for it."

It’s unknown how much the plan would cost — but white house officials said the price tag would be quote - “significant.” If all 50 states participate, the proposal could benefit 9 million students each year and save students an average of $3,800 in tuition, the White House said.

Come and Take Take It Texas

The new Texas legislature is sworn in on Tuesday January 13th. And on that day the pro-gun rights organization Come And Take It Texas will be present at the state capital with a unique demonstration. They are looking to show their support for a handgun open carry law. They will also be manufacturing "ghost guns," home manufactured firearms that are impossible to trace and don't require a background check. The guns are produced using open source technology and 3D printing.

Texas Ag Commission

Since the start of the New Year, Texas has seen the pomp and ceremony of swearing in multiple statewide political offices--all of them Republicans. So far, these have been the warm-up acts leading to the swearing in of the Lt. Governor and Governor.  Governor-elect and Lieutenant Governor-elect Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick will be inaugurated into office on Jan. 19.

The new Land Commissioner George P. Bush kicked things off, taking his oath of office on Jan 2.

The state’s top officials have a number of areas of focus — including property and business tax relief, roadways, improving access to and the standards of public education, protecting the border, and a revamp of the Sunset Advisory Commission — going into the new legislative session, which begins next week. One of Gov.-elect Greg Abbott’s stated priorities is to restructure the sunset commission with a citizen panel that will look into wasteful government expenditure and decreasing state regulation. “We need citizens with a seat at the table helping us to reshape the way the regulatory agencies are running the State of Texas,” he said, also adding that he wanted state agencies to cut their budgets. He, Lt. Gov.-elect Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Joe Straus all favor ending the diversion of Oil & Natural Gas tax revenue from the state highway fund to other programs, so transportation projects can be prioritized properly.

Andy Snow

A highly acclaimed author is coming to the Pearl Stable for a decidedly tasty literary event. He’s Bob Shacochis and his recently reissued book is called ‘Domesticity’a book of both prose and nifty recipes. But first — the event years ago which paved the way for that book.

GQ Magazine was looking for a new food columnist.”

The editor called him to say…

“…because the one we had got hit by a car and run over.”

You owe a major career change to someone getting hit by a car?

“I do; may he rest in peace.”