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The weekend’s upon us; if you’re looking for fun things to do, here are a few.

Bombasta is the multi-genre beat and horn-driven big band. They’re playing at the Empire on Friday, and this one is a big show.

Long Way Home: Census Details Texas Commutes

Aug 27, 2015
Chris Eudaily / TPR News


Suburbs remain the fastest growing slices of Texas, but significant chunks of their populations work outside their home counties, new U.S. Census Bureau data shows.

Planned Parenthood

Hoping to clear its name, Planned Parenthood has released an independent study that alleges a series of hidden videos of the group’s executives were altered and that Planned Parenthood has not profited from its fetal tissue collection program in other states. Dawn Leguens with Planned Parenthood’s national office said through analysis provided by the research firm Fusion GPS, they are now able to prove the Center for Medical Progress doctored the videos before posting them online. 


It's been a rough week for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, in addition to losing another lawyer, his third since proceedings began, a poll released earlier in the week found that nearly two thirds of likely GOP voters wanted him to resign and more than half of Tea-Partiers felt the same way.

Paxton was in court Thursday and talked tough with reporters afterward, but will he survive this storm?

Chris Eudaily / TPR News

The new water rate proposed by the San Antonio Water System will go before the San Antonio City Council soon, and there are some who think the rate is fleecing residents. Meredith McGuire from the Sierra Club argues that the rate continues a policy of subsidizing developers and suburban sprawl at the expense of the the common user through fixed, regressive fees, and a rate that rewards commercial and industrial users.