Jack Morgan

As Texas slowly begins its cool-down, many people turn their thoughts toward landscaping in the fall and  winter.  Landscaping is tough work, but there are things you can do to make it easier, and also cheaper. How? Well, you need to go native.   

“Native Plant Week is a week that has been designated to make people more aware of using native plants in their landscape.”

Mary Moses is with Comal County’s Native Plant Society of Texas.

“Using Native Plants makes for a healthier habitat that supports wildlife. Bees…it just makes the earth more healthy.”

The San Antonio Water System has settled on the Abengoa Vista Ridge pipeline and is asking the City Council to confirm their 581-page contract.

A vote would ultimately seal the deal on the public-private partnership; a partnership that would increase the city's water portfolio by more than 20 percent. The 142-mile pipeline, needed to pump the 16 billion gallons of water annually to San Antonio, starts in the Burleson County portion of the Carrizo Aquifer.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

Internet safety has become the new "stranger danger" among middle school students. This week, Google gave a lesson to students at Vale Middle School on how to secure their information, and protect themselves from involuntarily going viral with an embarrassing images or videos. The company's Online Safety Roadshow is designed to teach kids the risks of weak passwords, giving out too much information, and sharing photos. Google spokeswoman Jamie Hill says the pre-teen and early teen years are the best ages to target students for online safety.

A national abortion-rights group has filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court. The Center for Reproductive Rights is asking justices to reinstate a lower court’s order that blocks the State of Texas from enforcing its ambulatory surgical center requirements.  

I was on a hike with my wife in a local nature park and came across some surprising public art. We were at Crownridge Canyon Natural Area in San Antonio’s northwest hills. Stopping for a drink of water to start the hike, we found something unexpected. At the bathroom, there’s a great big exterior wall covered in tile. I found out that Oscar Alvarado is the Public Artist who created the sizable mural.