It's hard to believe it's been 40 years since Venezuela's El Sistema drew its first breath, but it has. A new compact disc from DG celebrates this 40th anniversary with a collection of 12 tracks drawn from the extensive discography of the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. The disc is titled “El Sistema 40 – A Celebration.”

Rolando Briseno

A popular piece of public art has new meaning today for its San Antonio creator. That creator is Rolando Briseno, whose resume says he’s not just an artist, he’s also this.

“A cultural adjuster.”

He knows a lot about the South Texas culture, but twenty-four years ago, he actually lived elsewhere.

“In 1991 I was living in New York and I got a call from the Order of Alhambra, which is part of the Knights of Columbus.”

© Ben Thorn

Mary Cutrufello knows just how much people in Texas like to dance. Before she relocated to Minnesota in the early 2000s, she spent ten years touring, creating, and learning the music of Texas. In the summer of 1997, she played live at the Cibolo Creek Country Club for TPR’s “Sunday Night Session,” which was broadcast on KSTX 89.1 FM from 1996-2010. [You can hear the full show at the bottom of the page]

The Ministry at San Antonio

If the Supreme Court should rule that gay marriage bans are un-Constitutional, there’s a place in San Antonio that expects to be a focal point for change.  That place is one of San Antonio’s not-so-common Islands.

“Marriage Island is a small island on the River Walk in San Antonio,” said William Sanders, co-owner of Marriage Island. “It’s popular for marriages due to the fact that it was blessed by Mexican priests sometime after the Mexican Revolution. It’s a small island. We do groups of about twenty-five there.”

David Martin Davies / TPR News

A poll conducted by the University of Texas shows Texans view on legalizing same-sex marriage remains narrowly divided, even in the wake of a US Supreme Court decision that could reverse the state ban on gay marriage.  

The study, conducted by UT-Austin and the Texas Tribune suggests that peoples view on gay marriage is changing but just at a much slower pace when compared to other states with similar bans.  Professor Jim Henson heads up UT’s Texas Politics Project.