City of San Antonio

San Antonio's growth is underscoring the need for an updated comprehensive plan. Now, the city is about to embark on a yearlong public outreach campaign to gather input from the community ahead of a possible new master plan. Over the next year, the city will collect data and feedback from those who know best, as to which areas of town are too congested or could use more resources.

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There is a lot of information out in cyberspace about you. You don't know who has it. Largely you don't understand how they got it. You don't know how they intend to use it. You don't know if it is accurate.

Your life will increasingly be affected by that data. Will you get that job? Will you be able to get on the airplane?

What is the future of your digital self? What can we do to better regulate the use of our data?


New Braunfels Utilities has agreed to a $20.5 million payment from LCRA to settle a lawsuit it won earlier this year against the energy provider.

The settlement comes several months after a jury found the Lower Colorado River Authority had breached its contract with NBU.

The jury in July found that LCRA, the wholesale power provider for NBU and others, had been giving more favorable rates to its customers who had agreed to long-term extensions of their contracts through 2041.

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Hundreds of people in San Antonio and South Texas are expected to have questions about what to do next, now that President Obama has laid out his immigration plan.

Texas Public Radio’s Eileen Pace reports a local organization has been expanding its services in the wake of the president’s speech a little over a week ago:

Jonathan Ryan, Director of The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services – or RAICES – says RAICES has been answering questions on Spanish-language telethons where attorneys spent three days last week fielding phone calls.

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The decision to not indict now former Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, and the protests and riots that followed have filled the airwaves and tv screens across the country.

The looming problem of racial bias in policing, what it means and whether or not even exists are all being debated in the American media and beyond.