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Declining demand in China-as well as fear over that country's economiy-has sent the price of oil dropping to new six-year lows today, sitting at just over $38 a barrel of West Texas Intermediate. 

Jack Morgan

The Witte Museum continues with its massive re-tooling. On August 18, officials introduced "Quetzy"  to a crowd of  about 150 museum lovers, board members and dignitaries gathered on the Broadway side of the Witte. The museum's facade looks nothing like it did a year ago. Much of it has been demolished, leaving a gaping hole where a portable stage had been set.

“The new Witte transformation is a hundred million dollar expansion. It’s a once in a hundred year transformation,” said Witte President Marise McDermott.

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Before state representatives could choose Joe Straus to become the Speaker of the Texas House, he had to be elected in the San Antonio district where he lives. He’s now represented House District 121, that stretches from Alamo Heights north towards Hollywood Park, for 10 years.  During that time Straus has faced a number of Republican challengers who’ve claimed Straus isn’t conservative enough. But none of them have had as much political experience as tea party candidate Jeff Judson.


San Antonio's city health director, Dr. Thomas Schlenker, claims he was recently fired because he waged a campaign against sugary sodas while city officials were trying to attract funding from beverage companies. City Manager Sheryl Sculley said he was fired, in part, because of inappropriate comments about women. Schlenker has taken his anti-soda campaign to the media with this editorial.

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This week on Fronteras: 

--Navajo farmers in Shiprock, New Mexico are scrambling to save their crops following the Gold King Mine spill. 

--Biologists are tracking the impact of the spill.  So far, fish and bugs are okay.

--Mine pollution is nothing new.  Mines have leaked wastewater for decades

--More than a month after Sandra Bland was found hanged in her Hempstead, Texas jail cell, concerned citizens keep a daily vigil there.

--We remember the father who fought to integrate Dallas public schools.