San Antonio Food Bank
San Antonio Food Bank

Summer is the busiest time of the year for the San Antonio Food Bank. Children are out of school, and distribution is correspondingly high, leaving shelves almost bare at the beginning of fall. So the San Antonio Food Bank is launching its 12th annual Food4SA campaign to collect food for the winter months. Food Bank President and CEO, Eric Cooper, says the bank’s annual Food4SA campaign aims to raise one million pounds of food in November.

“We’ve had a busy year. We are at a low, we’re really needing to restock,” he explains.

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Frugality in nonprofits is an understood: low pay, people doing several jobs, and anything to keep overhead costs low.  People want to know that their donation is going to the cause, not to the organizations coffers.

What if frugality comes at the cost of impact? Does the current mindset reward frugality instead of effectiveness? 


With an observatory and a butterfly garden, the Tye Preston Memorial Library is much more than your regular reading room. 

“If you have a garden, and a library, you have everything you need.”

-Cicero, Roman politician and philosopher in ‘The Letters to His Friends’

The ancient Greeks clearly had their priorities right, if you have a garden and a library, you’re doing pretty well, and if you add an observatory into that mix, you’re on a roll.

FBI Director James Comey has been busy these past few weeks, raising an alarm about what he considers a big threat to public safety in the United States — “Going Dark,” or the ability of people to ensure their data remains secure against every possible intrusion, even U.S. law enforcement with a warrant. 

The US Supreme Court gives Texas’ Voter ID law the green light. It allows the state to enforce a law requiring voters show one of seven government-issued IDs in order to cast a ballot. Plaintiffs arguing against the constitutionality of the law have vowed to take the full case back before Supreme Court justices.

A majority of justices agreed with a US 5th Circuit decision to stay a federal district judge’s order to block the enforcement of voter ID in Texas. They said not doing so, for now, would lead to greater voter confusion.