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The state’s highest criminal court will soon decide on whether a Texas law, banning the desecration of the flag, is constitutional. The attorneys for defendant Terrance Johnson, who said his right to despoil the flag was protected under the First Amendment, have said freedom of speech and expression should not be contingent on the method used to destroy a flag.

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San Antonio’s Healy-Murphy Center, a non-profit private school for youth in crisis, Tuesday received a sizable donation from the Herbalife Family Foundation to add a nutrition and healthy foods component to its programming.

For more than 120 years, the Healy-Murphy Center at the east edge of downtown has been providing education and support for vulnerable youth and those on the brink of dropping out of school because of limited choices.

Think Science: Infectious Disease And Antibiotic Resistance

Dec 9, 2014

Mention the word “Ebola” and it brings to mind images of quarantines, fever, and hazmat suits. But how much do we have to worry about a widespread outbreak of the deadly disease? And is there an even greater danger lurking that we’ve caused ourselves through overuse of antibiotics? They’re questions on the minds of many thinking folks, and we got some answers from the experts last month as Texas Public Radio's inaugural “Think Science” event. 

About the presentations:

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If you’re looking to stoke your holiday spirit, these should do it. They're called Midday Noels, and they happen this and next Thursday.

“Midday Noels is a concert series.”

Tom Dooling is Music Director for First Presbyterian Church.

“[It’s] a way to give folks a way to hear short concerts in the middle of their day, especially for folks who are on a lunch break downtown.”

You can walk over to the church at noon and get a great big dose of live Christmas music.

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Since the Spanish Inquisition of the 16th century, the ideology of racial division has been used to explain fundamental differences in how different groups behave and has been the justification for conquering or enslaving peoples. 

The idea of biological races has been thoroughly debunked in science, but in cultures across the globe these faux-theorems have manifested themselves in segregation, oppression, and genocide.

Here in the United States, we have seen these ideas well into the 20th century, with the use of Jim Crow laws and eugenics.