JLo In January's Movie Of The Week

Jan 26, 2015

Well, it's January. That's the message received from “The Boy Next Door,” written by former assistant U.S. attorney Barbara Curry, produced by its star, Jennifer Lopez, and directed by Rob Cohen (“XXX,” “Dragon Heart,” “The Fast and The Furious”). Even though the movie was shot on a budget of 4 million dollars within 25 days, a tight constraint is no excuse for this movie to be so simplistic.

Ryan E. Poppe

  The Legislature had given that authority to schools in 2003.  But now, higher tuition costs are making colleges unaffordable for many Texas students and some some lawmakers are rethinking that decision.  

It’s a cold, wintry day on the University of Texas campus in Austin,  the bells from the school’s fabled clock tower echo throughout campus. Trevor Goodchild, a senior majoring in geography,  is bundled up as he heads for the financial aid office. 

He stands in line, waiting to find out when his student loan will go through.


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The American Dialect Society's 2014 word of the year was #blacklivesmatter. The social media hashtag references the tragic deaths of several unarmed African American at the hands of police. Eric Garner, Michael Brown and John Crawford's tests set off protests across the country. For many 2014 crystallized racial inequality in the American consciousness. 


  • Sonja Laneheart, Brackenridge Endowed Chair in Literature and the Humanities

The San Antonio Water System reports that attempts have been made to scam customers over the phone. The scammers are calling customers with the intention of gaining access to people’s homes, getting details of financial information or asking for actual transfers of money for purported utility-related payments.