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The Open Carry movement in Texas, the movement that endorses people be allowed to openly carry guns—be they handgun or rifle— unrestricted, is having its moment.

Jack Morgan

The San Antonio Museum of Art thinks the best way to understand contemporary Japanese Ceramics is to wind the clock back about twelve thousand years.  That’s because unlike other cultures, twelve thousand years ago Japanese were actually making pots.

“The earliest known culture in the world that produced ceramics."

Emily Sano curated the exhibit.

"It’s one of the earliest steps that mankind took towards a civilized society.”

The exhibit features ancient pieces, all the way to very edgy, modern pieces.

GOP Considering Lawsuit On Immigration

Jan 28, 2015

Washington — House Republicans are moving toward authorizing a potential lawsuit against President Barack Obama on immigration, House Speaker John Boehner announced Tuesday, as the GOP struggled for a way to stop the President’s unilateral deportation curbs.

Boehner announced the plans in a closed-door meeting with lawmakers, telling them GOP leaders are finalizing a legal plan with the best chance of blocking Obama’s moves, according to a person in the room.

GUSTINE — A small Texas school district said it is investigating an incident in which around two-dozen elementary school students were ordered to pull their pants down after feces were found on a gym floor.

Report: Blind, Deaf, Disabled Inmates Abused In Prison

Jan 28, 2015

Floyd Blackburn recently included the following anecdote in a letter from his cell at the Estelle Unit in Huntsville to the Prison Justice League, a prisoner rights group in Austin: “One sergeant stuck his hand through the bars of my cell and hit me on the head and said, ‘What are you going to do blind man? I will beat your blind ass.’”