AUSTIN — Officials say they won’t include math scores on state-mandated standardized tests for students in third through eighth grade when calculating this year’s state accountability ratings.

Education Commissioner Michael Williams said in a statement Wednesday that he’s spoken to numerous teachers who made it clear students will need “a transition year” to adjust to new testing requirements.

GREENVILLE, Texas — A Texas deputy shown in a video apparently striking a pregnant woman may have used force to prevent her from taking his firearm, a law enforcement official said Wednesday.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks acknowledged at a news conference that he’s not certain Deanna Robinson reached for the weapon. But he said the deputy told investigators that she loosened his ammunition belt in the struggle.

Joey Palacios / TPR News

AUSTIN — Tax cuts and better pre-K in Texas — two major promises of new Republican Gov. Greg Abbott — pushed ahead Wednesday when the House rallied behind a $2 billion proposed sales tax cut before passing an early education bill that schools say underwhelms.

Both moves simultaneously disappointed Democrats, deepened tensions with Senate Republicans and raised the chances of a rocky final two months in Abbott’s first legislative session.

Across the aisle from the House, Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick dug in his heels, calling the House tax plan “out of step” and saying he will insist on property tax relief for rising home appraisals. / Alamo Area Council of Governments

Ozone season has begun in the Alamo City. There are things you can do to help reduce ground level ozone — and attending Fresh Air Friday is one of them.

The Alamo Area Council of Governments and the City of San Antonio have invited everyone in the community to the ninth annual Fresh Air Friday event. It will take place this Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Main Plaza in downtown San Antonio.


You’re invited to bring a brown-bag lunch or pick up a meal on the way to the plaza and enjoy this fun, free, informative event.

The event draws attention to the link between transportation and air quality and promotes cycling or walking, rather than driving, out for lunch.

Angela Jimenez

The San Fernando Cathedral will be filled with music on Sunday evening, but a kind of music that’s likely never been played there before.  You can tell by the sound of it that this music comes from somewhere else. It’s Klezmer music.  [editor's note:  hit "Listen" above to hear Metropolitan Klezmer]

“Klezmer music is rooted in the Yiddish tradition, which is the tradition of the Yiddish-speaking Jews who came originally from Eastern Europe.”

Eve Sicular founded and plays drums for the group Metropolitan Klezmer.