The UT Health Science Center has established a special institute within the research center to integrate military and civilian studies for the benefit of members of the military as well as the local civilian community.

The Military Health Institute will lead innovative medical research, health education and clinical care – working with the military toward improving the health of active duty military personnel, veterans and their families.

Texas Army National Guard

On Fronteras: We look at border security and how the Texas gubernatorial candidates, Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis, differ on deploying National Guard troops to the border. This report is part of a series called Five Days in October, by KERA, The Dallas Morning News and NBC5. Three Central American families seeking asylum in the United States  saw the outside of the Karnes County Residential Center for the first time in two months. We bring you their story. We speak to San Antonio writer, Ito Romo, about his collection of brutally candid short stories,"The Border is Burning." In addition, Dia de los Muertos, the Day of The Dead, is around the corner. We get a behind-the-scenes look at how a new animated film centered on the holiday made it to the big screen.


Jacqueline Ferrato / Bat Conservation International


San Antonio City Councilman Ron Nirenberg announced an agreement last week to protect the world’s largest bat cave from encroachment by future development.

The city will join with several other entities to turn the 1,500-acre property, known as Crescent Hills, into a conservation easement that will permanently protect the area’s natural resources. 

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A last-minute substitution lent some nervous energy to the ETA3 Trio’s performance on October 14 as part of the Tuesday Musical Club’s annual Artist Series. With only a few hours to rehearse, Milana Strezeva took the place of the ensemble’s regular pianist, Tomoko Nakayama, who couldn’t be released from a performance back in the group’s home base of New York.

There’s a two-man act coming to San Antonio, an act unlike anything you’ve seen. I was able to track them down by phone in Cincinnati, and I have to admit, it was hilarious. (Editor's note: listening to this story will convey much more than just reading it).

It seemed an easy enough question when I asked it. “Tell me — what is it that you all do.” And yes, there it was, that first little burst of something that indicated this interview would not be quite the norm. “Ha-ha…what is it that we all do?”