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San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor has said that name-calling would get the city and public safety unions nowhere in the ongoing negotiations for uniform healthcare and benefits.

Taylor, though, has offered an olive branch of sorts, in the hope of reaching a compromise with the unions. She called for a cooling off period — a holiday truce — from the widespread attack ads and harsh rhetoric that have marked the negotiations with city unions over healthcare and other benefits.

A Texas-based anti-abortion group, responsible for helping author the state’s comprehensive abortion bill in 2013, has demanded even tighter restrictions on family planning clinics in 2015. The Texas Alliance For Life’s legislative agenda includes taking away the last bit of money Planned Parenthood is receiving from the state.

In 2011, members of the Texas legislature ended the state’s involvement with a federal women’s healthcare grant, and started the Texas Women’s Health Fund, excluding Planned Parenthood from any state funding.

Courtesy The Lion King

It’s a Broadway and touring smash hit. Now it’s set for a San Antonio return engagement. I spoke with one of its animal actors.

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That haunting call at the start tells you what show this is.

“In 'The ‘Circle of Life,’ the opening number, everyone reports that it’s the most moving 10 minutes on stage.”

Ben Lipitz plays Pumba, that funny Warthog. He says the opening number gives everyone chills.

Eileen Pace

From the driveway of San Antonio Fire Station #1, Ashley Harris directed about 25 Generations Federal Credit Union employees in their capacity as food delivery volunteers the day before Thanksgiving.

"We're donating 52 turkeys and eight hams to all of the fire and police stations in San Antonio," she said. 

The volunteers headed out for all parts of town. The police stations don’t have kitchens, so they received hams.

Nonesuch Records

Radiohead and Steve Reich get mashed up on “Radio Rewrite,” an album that features two new recordings of Reich’s ear-tickling “Counterpoint” music, as well as a five-part chamber work inspired by two of Radiohead’s songs.