Timothy Schenck

Artpace is hosting a lecture on Tuesday, November 18 about a New York City installation that has a San Antonio connection. You may remember a story I did a few months ago on the High Line, a public park on the west side of Manhattan.

Cecilia Alemani curates art for the High Line, which is an abandoned, elevated freight railroad.

“Imagine it’s a very long bridge suspended 30 feet in the sky. It has a lot of planting — gorgeous plantings and architecture."

City of San Antonio / cc

San Antonio could become the fifth largest city by population in the country by 2020 if they annex five key Bexar county areas. The proposal was made last Wednesday by John Dugan, the head of the Department of Planning and Community Development to city council.

Currently seventh in the country with 1.3 million residents the proposal would add 66 sq. miles and about 200,000 people. In less than 10 years the city would be around 1.7 millions according to city estimates. The annexation would represent the biggest addition to the city in nearly 20 years

Ryan Loyd / TPR News

The worst kept secret in San Antonio in the last few weeks is that State Representative Mike Villarreal wants to be the city's next mayor. He made that official Sunday by kicking off his campaign at Maverick Park, amidst a sizable gathering of supporters, despite the cold and rain.

The Travis County court system has agreed to hear a case filed against the City of Denton’s fracking ban, advocates of the ban say the state’s “home-rule” statute allows their city to pass these ordinances while state officials argue that cities have no legal authority to ban fracking.

Jack Morgan

He’s made a lifestyle and a living writing about San Antonio history, and in particular, its river. I'm talking about Lewis Fisher. He wrote the definitive book years ago on the history of the San Antonio River, but now he’s got a new one.

“The new book is titled American Venice: The Epic Story of San Antonio’s River.

So why did we need a new book about the river?

“The River Walk has recently been expanded from three miles to 15 miles, with dramatic extensions to the north and to the south. And this book covers both of them.”