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AUSTIN — The University of Texas’ literary archive said Wednesday it paid $2.2 million for the works of Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a price the school sought to keep secret until ordered to make it public by the state attorney general’s office.

Officials at the university’s Harry Ransom Center refused in November to reveal the price to The Associated Press, saying it would hurt negotiations for future purchases. The attorney general ruled Feb. 19 that the school failed to prove harm by disclosure and ordered the contract released.

1967: When Leonard Cohen Met Willie Ruff

Feb 26, 2015

Singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen first attracted attention in the early 1960s as a writer of novels and poetry. No one thought of Cohen as a singer, and perhaps we might still not know Leonard Cohen as a singer if not for his chance meeting with the bassist Willie Ruff, in 1967. By then, Cohen had turned his attention to songwriting, albeit with little success. He migrated from Montreal to New York City, trying to get the ear of singers and producers, but was having little luck.

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There’s a new slice of San Antonio culture that’s being created in the Alamo City. But you might have to look for it in places where you haven’t looked before. I dialed it in, and afterwards, talked to its creator. It audio intro has a very retro radio feel to it.

“From downtown San Antonio, Tejas, this…is Radio Bomba. Underground notes on San Anto Cultura.”

If the man voicing that intro sounds familiar, there’s a reason.

“This is Robert Livar with Bombasta.”

Bipartisan Deal Sets Up Homeland Security Vote In Senate

Feb 25, 2015
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WASHINGTON — Three days before a partial Homeland Security shutdown, lawmakers cleared the way Wednesday for Senate passage of legislation to fund the agency without immigration-related provisions opposed by President Barack Obama. Approval in the Senate would send the issue to the House, where some conservatives derided the plan as surrender to the White House. Other Republicans predicted it would clear, but Speaker John Boehner declined to say if he would put it to a vote.

San Antonio — A group of South Texas third graders gathered at a community college in 2006 to bury a time capsule, with a promise from the school they’d be offered two-year scholarships if they graduated from high school.

Now nine years later, the students are seniors at South San Antonio High School and are on their way to fulfilling their end of the bargain. They met at Palo Alto College on Tuesday to read letters they wrote to themselves and collect toys they once cherished, the San Antonio Express-News reported.