Matthew Diekman / Camerata San Antonio

Camerata San Antonio brings chamber music to South Texans every autumn, and this year it all starts October 3rd in Boerne. 

“In Boerne we play at the First Methodist Church, and in Kerrville we play at First Presbyterian. Both of those we’ve been in for many, many years. And in San Antonio we play at Christ Episcopal,” says Camerata founder and cellist Ken Freudigman.

Those three gigs start Friday evening, then Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Freudigman explains what they will be playing.

The National Drought Mitigation Center

On Fronteras: We look at how an El Niño weather pattern might help out the Texas drought this fall. Mexico is opening its energy sector to foreign participation for the first time since 1938. That has two towns, in two countries, wanting to harness geography and oil industry experience for each other’s benefit. One of the first things newly nationalized citizens do is register to vote. In San Diego, there’s one third party growing faster than the rest. We explore why. And something strange is happening at the busiest port of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border. Border wait times  are plummeting at the San Diego-Tijuana border crossing.

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Phil Coulter celebrates fifty years as a professional musician this year. His name is revered amongst his peers, and his music has fans around the globe. From a humble working class family in Derry in the North of Ireland, Phil achieved success beyond any thing he had ever anticipated as a young boy, struggling to master the piano.

“I hated the piano! I hated having to practice, I hated scales, I hated arpeggios but most of all I hated my piano teacher,” Coulter remembers.

Eileen Pace


Community and environmental groups came together Thursday to question what they say is a rush to approve an expensive pipeline to bring water to San Antonio from the Hill Country.

Members of the Sierra Club, COPS/Metro and concerned ratepayers called a press conference to announce their concerns about the Vista Ridge Pipeline vote that the SAWS board moved to this Monday with short notice.

The San Antonio Water System moved up its board vote on the Vista Ridge Pipeline by a week, saying timing is critical.

An independent audit of Governor Rick Perry’s job-creating Texas Enterprise Fund shows the Governor’s Office awarded over 200-million dollars to companies and universities that never submitted an application for the grant.