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Another multi-Grammy Award-winning artist is coming to the Carver Cultural Arts Center.  Singer Dianne Reeves has a smooth, distinctive jazz style. 

“You can call me a jazz singer, that’s fine. That’s my foundation.”

I spoke to her recently. Having researched her background I made the observation “You seem to have music in your blood, right?”

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Common Core standards were once thought to be the future of education in America, endorsed by 45 states.  

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  San Antonio made $19.3 billion last year from international exports, according to the United States International Trade Administration. Texas' products like cotton and other agricultural along with petroleum products and coal are breaking records in exports to the tune of $279.5 billion.

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Not many people know the depth of the historic treasure that stretches southward from downtown along the San Antonio River, but if the San Antonio Missions World Heritage nomination is successful, millions of people will know at this time next year.

Local officials have completed their part of the San Antonio Missions World Heritage nomination – and now, we wait.

An international evaluator secretly made a trip into San Antonio last week for the inspection of the five missions and Rancho de las Cabras.

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On Fronteras: The deadline to register to vote in the November General Election is nearing. Groups are working nationally, and in Texas, to get Latinos registered. But registering is just the first step; getting Latinos to the polls is the next challenge. Many of us do our part to help the environment. We recycle, carpool or ride bikes. But some take it further than others. We hear about a California resident who has transformed his home into a green building wonderland.