25 years ago H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger published the book "Friday Night Lights." 

He had quit his newspaper job at 34-years old to write a nonfiction novel about a small town football team in a backwater part of Texas. At the time he had no concept of what it would mean to his life and the lives of the people he wrote about. 

What does the story mean now?

Buzz Bissinger will be at the H-E-B on Potranco Road in San Antonio at 6pm Thursday as part of his book tour celebrating 25 years of "Friday Night Lights."


Mayor Ivy Taylor, Councilman Joe Krier, Brig. Gen. Robert D. LaBrutta and SAWS President/CEO Robert R. Puente announced a ground breaking agreement Tuesday to provide a redundant water source to the city’s military bases.

This summer’s World Heritage Designation elevated San Antonio’s missions on the world stage.  Now, an event that will help bring you up to speed on the process and the reasoning behind the designation are scheduled. The San Antonio River Authority--SARA--is showing a pair of documentaries at several theaters around town.

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San Antonio is seeing a big drop off in what was once a growth industry, payday lenders. According to the San Antonio Express-News' Patrick Danner, the recent decision by EZCorp to pull the plug on San Antonio, and taking 30 payday shops with it, represents a 40 percent drop since the city instituted tougher regulations on credit companies a few years ago.

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At a meeting on Monday with veterans in the Rio Grande Valley, Governor Greg Abbott, along with U.S. Veteran’s Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald and Texas Senator John Cornyn, announced decreasing wait times for veterans trying to see a doctor.

A 2014 government report showed veterans waited an average of 85 days to be seen by a doctor at the VA Texas Coastal Bend Center in Harlingen.

Governor Abbott, Senator Cornyn, and Secretary McDonald met with hundreds of veterans in South Texas to discuss ideas that would expand healthcare access in the Rio Grande Valley.