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They’re coming from nearly halfway around the world to perform in San Antonio. I reached one of them in Italy.

Quartetto di Cremona. They play chamber music and their first violin is Cristiano Gualco.

“We were born as a quartet in Cremona, that is the city.”

The small northern Italian city of Cremona, with a fine musical tradition, brought together Quartetto.  “The violin makers Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati, the three great violin makers, they were born there, they worked in Cremona.”

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There’s a contest for your teens where they don’t have to sing, play an instrument or spell difficult words. But there is something they're expected to do: they’re expected to write.

“We have a contest for kids between [the] seventh and 12th grades.”

Shannon Stephens is with the San Antonio Public Library Foundation.

“We’re asking them to submit an essay about the theme ‘A Chest in the Attic.’”

I asked "So there’s a Chest in the Attic, they go to look and what do they find? It’s up to them to determine what they find?"

No Land's Man Book Trailer

You don't know Aasif Mandvi, and according to his book trailer for "No Land's Man" neither do his famous friends. They didn't know he was Indian or Muslim or British or a Racist...the last one is questionable. 

Governor-elect Greg Abbott wasted no time naming the first of a long list of nominees under his leadership, picking a Cameron County judge as his nomination for Secretary of State. 

Hoping to influence more people in the Hispanic community, governor-elect Greg Abbott announced Cameron County judge Carlos Cascos as his pick for Texas Secretary of State.

“Texans from every corner of the state need to feel that they are a part of the state’s leadership, that they are co-authors of our future,” said Abbott.

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District 1 Councilman Diego Bernal quietly announced his plans to step down from the city council next Tuesday, making Thursday's council meeting his last.

"Tomorrow is my last Council meeting," Bernal said. The brief bid goodbye was followed by a preview of a item on the agenda Thursday to give local businesses an advantage when bidding on city contracts.

"We will also vote on the most aggressive local preference ordinance the City has ever seen. That will give LOCAL businesses an advantage when bidding on City contracts. I'm proud of that."