Jack Morgan

On Thursday night, about 350 western art lovers gathered at the Briscoe Western Art Museum’s Jack Guenther Pavilion to see the twenty-six winning artworks and meet the high school kids who created them. Student Western Art Committee Chair Gus Salazar runs the show.

“I’ve been blown away by the talent that these kids have. The talent is just incredible. I mean, you would think that these were professional artists up there."

Ryan Loyd / TPR News

In May, San Antonians will have the opportunity to vote on whether to continue an aquifer protection program that collects one-eighth of a cent sales tax. After meeting on Wednesday for an initial discussion on the matter, on Thursday, the San Antonio City Council unanimously approved what will be propositions 1 & 2 in the upcoming municipal election.

Ryan E. Poppe

Texas Land Commissioner George P Bush joined hundreds of school voucher supporters for a rally at the state capitol during School Choice Week and proponents of school vouchers are confident they have enough momentum to get a bill passed this session.

Buses chartered from across the state lined the edges of the state capitol complex as a marching band from Houston kicked off the rally for National School Choice Week.  It was sponsored by the Alliance for School Choice, a national group that support vouchers.

David Martin Davies

Two weeks ago Texas Matters aired a special report on the 1910 Slocum Massacre. It told the story of a murderous attack on an East Texas African American community and how Texas history has overlooked the event.

In 2007 Texas had five thousand juveniles incarcerated in a dozen state run prison-like facilities. Today the number of incarcerated youths kept in five state lock-ups is below a thousand. Texas and the rest of the nation has seen a dramatic reduction in juvenile crime and improved outcomes for those who do end up in the system. There are fewer re-arrests and more opportunities to guide teenaged lawbreakers back of the path of being productive members of society.