Ryan E. Poppe

Still working as Texas Attorney General, Governor-elect Abbott has announced Texas will serve as the lead in a lawsuit filed by a group of states against the President’s executive order concerning immigration. 

Greg Abbott said President Obama’s order, which will allow an estimated 4.4 million undocumented immigrant parents of legal residents to stay in the country without the threat of deportation, “tramples the U.S. Constitution’s Take Care Clause.” He said the President is allowed to enforce laws passed by Congress but not re-write them.

Ryan E. Poppe

In response to President Barack Obama’s recent executive order on immigration, Rick Perry has issued his own executive action, requiring that all state agencies verify the immigration status of all employees working for the state through private contractors.

Ryan E. Poppe

An education nonprofit brought invited testimony from across the country to provide insight about school choice programs.  The Coalition For Public Schools anticipates another heated battle this session, when comes to allowing a voucher-system in Texas schools.

Setting up a school choice program in Texas has already been discussed, ahead of the 2015 legislative session. And with a favorable Republican-majority in the House and Senate, an attempt to pass legislation in this regard, seems inevitable.

DoveNote Films

A movie was quietly filmed in San Antonio last year. I recently spoke about it to one of its principal actors, Christopher Lloyd, known most for his roles in TV’s sitcom ‘Taxi’ and in the ‘Back to the Future’ movies.

“It’s a story about a young man, married, who apparently had a real desire to be a songwriter.”

But like most of us, he didn’t stick it out long enough.

“His wife and his daughter, and his dad, kind of pressure him into giving it another go.”

Eileen Pace


Military scientists Wednesday encouraged other researchers to take advantage of the government’s $30 million commitment and collaborate with them on stem cell research.

The appeal came as part of the World Stem Cell Summit 2014 going on in San Antonio this week.

The Dept. of Defense has taken a leading role in researching regenerative medicine over the past 10 years, because today’s war fighters are coming home with more serious wounds than in any previous war.