Ryan Loyd / TPR News

It's not often that a city shuts its doors for a week.

But city leaders in Alamo Heights decided the measure was necessary, because of the sheer logistical minutiae involved in moving the city administration from Austin Highway, a temporary location, back to their original digs at 6116 Broadway. The Broadway location underwent a total, and very expensive, overhaul over the last year-and-a-half.


  Entrepreneurs in San Antonio have a chance at a free session for legal advice – if they act quickly.

The opportunity is this evening only, when Geekdom will host a pro-bono legal clinic for business owners to consult with an attorney about trademarks, patients, and the business of starting a business.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

  Cold temperatures early in the season caught some not for profit organizations off guard this year. Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, a long and short-term shelter for abused and neglected children in the state’s system, is short about 50 coats for its 100 children. Renee Garvens, community and donor relations’ coordinator, said the problem was that children came and went, and staying stocked up could be a challenge.

Solar San Antonio

Lanny Sinkin's time at Solar San Antonio, and in San Antonio all together, is coming to an end. From 2009 onward, Sinkin has been running the solar advocacy nonprofit his father started 15 years ago. His return to San Antonio from Hawaii was precipitated by his mother Faye passing away. His father, community organizer, William Sinkin, passed away this year.

Jack Morgan

It was an odd sight at the Agricultural Heritage Museum in Boerne, Texas, on Saturday. They began showing up at about 9 a.m, and came in for hours. They came primarily in pickup trucks, backed up, checked in, loaded up trees, and big bags of mulch, and wire cages, and then left. Not one person pulled out a wallet, and no money was exchanged. The people running this show weren’t just giving away trees. They were giving away Bigtooth Maples. Some folks call them ‘Lost Maples.’