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To celebrate the spooky Halloween season, TPR Cinema is teaming up with the City of San Antonio's Department for Culture & Creative Development (DCCD) to host a community screening of the Spanish-language version of "Dracula" (1931) on Thursday, October 30th at the Mission Marquee Plaza, adjacent to the Mission Branch Library at

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In a surprising move Wednesday, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus revealed that he is stepping away from his proposal that, if approved by council, would have made it against the law in the city to give anything - from money to blankets - to a panhandler.

The revelation came up at the end of the city council's public safety committee. The item was not scheduled to be discussed. But a question from a council member on where the proposal stood prompted the chief to explain why he's aborting the plan.

A new poll released this week shows Democratic candidate for Governor Wendy Davis down by 9 points, with her Republican opponent Greg Abbott inches away from claiming a majority of those surveyed.  

The results of a trial ballot issued by the Texas Lyceum group shows Attorney General Greg Abbott claiming 49-percent of those polled and 40-percent stating they’d vote for his Democratic gubernatorial opponent Senator Wendy Davis.  

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The Briscoe Museum of Western Art "Voices of the American West’s" first speaker appears Thursday, October 2nd, and his resume is about as odd as it gets. He’s a well known creator of jewelry. He’s a Colorado Rancher. And he was an Olympic Athlete.

“Bill Bradley and I were on the same Olympic Team in 1964,” he said.

He was even a Senator for two six-year terms. Have you guessed who he is? He says you can call him Ben.

“Ben’s good.”

Texas health officials say so far they have identified and located eighteen people that came into contact with a Texas man diagnosed with Ebola. Five of those eighteen are schoolchildren all attending classes at different campuses in Dallas.

State and Federal Health Officials say the schools are safe and they remain open.  The five kids, ranging from elementary-age children to high schoolers, are being monitored at home and have not been quarantined.