Felix N. Padron

A new art exhibit is going in on Saturday, but it’s not contained between four walls—it’s outside. TPR’s Arts and Culture Reporter Jack Morgan has details.

First off is its fun name—Mano Factura. So what is Mano Factura?

”Mano Factura is an exhibit that we’re actually bringing from our sister city of Monterrey, Mexico.”

Felix Padron heads San Antonio’s Department of Culture and Creative Development.

“It’s a really wonderful collection of thirty hands, sculptural hands, that are human size.”

Eileen Pace

The race to replace Rep. Mike Villarreal in the Texas House isn’t over yet. None of the six candidates captured more than 50 percent of the vote. That means the two front-runners, Democrat Diego Bernal who garnered 47% of the vote, and Republican Nunzio Previtera, with 21%, will meet in a runoff.

Diego Bernal accepted the reality of a run-off early in the evening, but said he liked his position going into the next round.

Eileen Pace


Bexar County Commissioners celebrated the grand re-opening of a historic courtroom Tuesday. The second-floor presiding court in the Bexar County Courthouse was restored to the original distinction it held in 1897.

The stately courtroom is again the largest in the historic courthouse, spanning two floors with a full-width second-story gallery where spectators can view the proceedings below.

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Final update 10:30 PM: The ballots have been counted and the results still need to be certified, however, what is certain right now is that there will be a runoff in the elections for both HD123 and SD26. It is as yet unclear as to when that will be, but this will add on to a long string of election cycles. The governor's office will have to select a formal date. The total voter turnout, as of tonight, is 20,065 ballots cast; a voter turnout percentage is not immediately available.