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A Texas senate committee has been tasked with finding a legal loophole so that the state can drug-test people receiving unemployment. Committee members have been told to find a way the state can bypass the adoption of federal regulations.

Senate Bill 21 was passed during the 2013 legislative session set to take effect at the beginning of 2014. But the U.S. Department of Labor still hasn’t approved a new set of rules regarding unemployment drug-testing. 

Ben Eldredge

If summer’s departure has you thinking about fall tree planting, an event’s being held that you should know about. I spoke to Cibolo Nature Center Education Director Ben Eldredge.

"We have a planting trees and shrubs workshop that’s going to be held at the Herff Farm, which is an extension of the Cibolo Nature Center.”

And here’s the fun part.

(The workshop) “…it will be taking place during our Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 4th. And the workshop itself will take place from 10:30 ‘til 11:30” he said.

John Gillespie

Earlier today President Obama stood before the United Nations Climate Summit to reiterate the need for global action on climate change. Citing the hottest summer on record, and increases in violent weather shifts that he said resulted in the flooding of New York under super storm Sandy and the regular flooding of Miami, the President said the effects of climate change were felt now.

A strongly-worded letter sent to all firefighters in San Antonio calling for fire union president Chris Steele to step down may signal mounting frustration within the ranks of the San Antonio Fire Department. 

The letter was sent to fire stations across the city nearly two weeks ago. But in an apparent attempt to let San Antonio residents know about the internal feelings toward Steele and his management of issues like public safety health benefits, which are currently being negotiated, the unsigned letter was sent to media outlets this week.

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A big chunk of the  Voting Rights Act was struck down more than a year ago by the US Supreme Court. The ruling took many southern states off the hook when it came to getting voting laws pre-cleared by the Department of Justice. A move that had many worrying about abuses and racial discrimination at the Voting booth.