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1 million TV ads filling the nation's airwaves and record outside PAC spending are putting 2014's midterm elections on pace to possibly become the most expensive midterm cycle in U.S. history, beating 2010's $4 billion mark. 

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

On Fronteras-- Latinas are less likely to develop breast cancer than other ethnic groups. Now researchers think they know why. A new study shows a genetic variant may protect some Hispanic women from developing breast cancer. The largest immigrant detention facility in the country is under construction in South Texas. What’s unusual, though, is how the government bypassed the regular bidding process, giving the contract to a small Arizona town.

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Friends of the Bracken Bat Cave can breathe a little easier today, now that a threatened encroachment by a high-density housing development is officially over.

That's because the real estate deal closed Friday, transferring the land from Galo Properties to the Nature Conservancy.

Defendants of the Bracken Cave have been working on this deal for more than a year.  The effort was spearheaded by San Antonio City Councilman Ron Nirenberg, who took up the challenge to visit the cave right after he was elected in 2013.

A lawsuit filed against the manufacturer of the surgical gowns used by staff at the Dallas hospital where nurses were infected with Ebola, alleges the company falsely claimed that Ebola and other infectious disease couldn’t penetrate their material. 

A California surgeon has filed a $500 million federal class action lawsuit, claiming the Dallas-based Kimberley-Clarke Corporation made fraudulent claims after industry tests proved their “MICROCOOL Breathable High Performance Surgical Gown was not impermeable to diseases such as Ebola.  

It was 150 years ago this November that the first battle of Adobe Walls was fought. A major military engagement in what is called the Indian Wars – the American genocidal campaign against the native peoples of the Great Plains.

The battle happened on November 25, 1865 and the American force was led by the famous scout Kit Carson. The battle ground is in The Texas Panhandle - Hutchison County about 75 miles north east of Amarillo.