Courtesy Yupeng Gu

A former Bronze Medal winner in the San Antonio International Piano Competition is returning  to San Antonio for a performance soon, and she’s coming from South Korea.

“On February 21st San Antonio International Piano Competition will be presenting Yejin Noh in recital.”

Terence Frazor is the Competition’s Executive Vice President. Ms. Noh competed here three years ago.

The idea that low-wage jobs and jobs at the very bottom dehumanize workers isn't a new one. It launched diatribes from religious figures and political ones at the launch of the industrial revolution. The idea that being poor means you can't save or plan ahead because the unrelenting need to work to live is also not a new one, but the first-person narrative of someone living it and being open about the effects of impoverished life bring the issue into focus in a way that feels new. 

State Rep. Molly White Explains Her Views On Muslims

Feb 3, 2015

After igniting a firestorm of criticism last week for suggesting that Muslims visiting her legislative office would be asked to “renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws,” State Rep. Molly White said Monday she had nothing to apologize for — though she might have used her words differently. 

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

The term “school choice” could mean different things to different people. This legislative session, the term will be used to describe plans that would allow parents to choose private schools and pay for that tuition with public education dollars.

Critics call that kind of choice a “voucher,” and in their view, those public dollars would be put to better use differently.  

Lower Colorado River Authority

Understanding moisture levels in the soil can help us better monitor droughts and manage floods.

The Lower Colorado River Authority has teamed up with the Jackson School of Geosciences at UT-Austin to collect soil moisture data.  It’s part of the Texas Soil Observation Network and NASA’s first Soil Moisture Active Passive mission or SMAP.



Network of Sensors to Help Monitor Droughts, Predict Floods