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  On Tuesday, shortly after the Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO, Tim League, tweeted: “Breaking news: Sony has authorized screenings of THE INTERVIEW on Christmas Day. We are making shows available within the hour. #Victory,” there was a celebratory tweet from the film’s star and co-director, Seth Rogen. “The people have spoken! Freedom has prevailed! Sony didn't give up!

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More than $22 billion in taxpayer money has been recovered since 2009, in cases against corporations defrauding the government related to the False Claims Act. 

Fernando Andrade, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

A brief glance is enough to tell you that the new Blue Star Arts Complex exhibit is very impressive, but a deeper look will give you a lot more insight. They’re all beautiful, highly intricate drawings of children at play.

“The children are technically rendered so expertly that, even if you don’t at first discover the deeper meaning, you really appreciate them for the quality of the drawing.”

The Blue Star’s Mary Heathcott is talking about Fernando Andrade’s work, which is almost photographic in its clarity.

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The National Defense Authorization Act for 2015, signed by President Obama last week, includes an important rider that will allow the National Park Service to expand its reach around the group of 18th Century San Antonio Missions.

This section of the legislation was designed to support the Missions’ application for recognition as a World Heritage Site. 

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Economists don’t seem to agree on whether the plummeting price of oil could cause a recession in Texas next year.

The price per barrel has dropped to $55, about half of where it was during the first part of 2014.

Michael Feroli, the chief U.S. economist at J.P. Morgan Chase, recently told clients that Texas is “at risk of slipping into a regional recession” because of the decline in oil prices. 

However, Economist Michael Plante with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, doesn’t think a recession is on the horizon.