Mami Kiyoshi

It’s a festival where the visual arts are what really matters. It’s called Fotoseptiembre.

“Fotoseptiembre is an eclectic, inclusive, community-based festival, with curated components of international artists,” said Michael Mehl, the founder and director of the Fotoseptiembre USA International Photography Festival. And while pictures are its largest focus, there’s a wider angle to it.

City of San Antonio

The San Antonio Public Library and the city are hoping to get more funds from Bexar County to run its public library system -- a lot more money. SAPL would like the county to pay $6.38 million, which is nearly double the $3.78 million the county already contributes.

Part of their rationale is that the county makes up 19% of SAPL users, but less than that percent of the funds.

Sony Classical

Before August gets away from us, saxophonist Amy Dickson’s new album arrives this month to celebrate classic melodies of the summer, most of them from films of the 1950s and ‘60s. Dickson’s previous albums have straddled both the classical world and popular music.

Joshua Simmons

It’s a San Antonio film competition that’s unlike the others in the Alamo City. Like many film gatherings, filmmakers get together to offer their films.

“So right now we’re doing our call for entries for local filmmakers," said Kimberly Suta, who produces the event.

“And basically the film needs to be between three and fifteen minutes long,” she said.

I had heard there was something about her film competition that makes it a little different.

Travis County Jail

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s legal team has filed a constitutional challenge seeking to dismiss his two-count felony indictment.

In a writ of habeas corpus filed today, the governor’s legal team contends there are problems with separation of powers, rights to free speech, and say the penal code used to charge Perry is vague and overboard; that it doesn’t clearly define what is and isn’t permissible under the law.  

University of Texas at Austin School of Law professor Jennifer Laurin said this type of challenge has a very limited set of arguments.