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It’s been 37 years since San Antonio has drafted a new Comprehensive Plan, a long-term focus for the city that predicts the area’s growth needs.

The City has embarked on a plan that takes concepts of SA2020 to the next level.

"Where SA2020 is a near-term vision, the comprehensive plan will be a long-term roadmap," said City Councilman Ron Nirenberg, chairman of the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

House Passes Bill Forbidding Taxpayer Funds For Abortion

Jan 22, 2015

On Thursday, as thousands of people gathered at the National Mall for the annual anti-abortion March For Life, on this 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the House Republicans pushed through a move, 239 to 179, that would bar the use of taxpayer money to pay for abortions. It is likely to meet resistance in the Senate, and definitely faces a White House veto. Late Wednesday night, House Republicans leaders had canceled a vote on a more comprehensive bill that would have made most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy illegal. That bill had clauses objected to by women in the GOP itself. They said the bill did not do enough to protect rape victims.

City of San Antonio

  District 2 City Councilman Alan Warrick has announced the filing of a Council Consideration Request (CCR), which seeks to waive the alarm permit fee for a variety of people in San Antonio.

“We need to remove any barriers that might make it harder for a crime victim or a woman under a protective order to have a home security system installed,” said Warrick. “This is a common sense step that will give peace of mind and enhanced personal protection to San Antonio families.”

courtesy of the Parks and Recreation Department

The city has an annual giveaway that many of you may want to know about. 

What they’re giving away is trees--A lot of ‘em. Here’s City Forrester Ross Hosea.

"We provide up to about 750 fruit and nut trees. We have the public come out and they can take home and plant and grow in their own yards.”

I jokingly asked “I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you’re not giving away Blue Spruce?”

“No Blue Spruce, but we do have quite a variety, from apple, apricot, fig, a number of citrus—lemon, lime, orange. Pears, persimmons, pecans.