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The Ebola virus has more and more Texas residents concerned as it spreads to a second healthcare worker. To keep people in San Antonio calm, city and county leaders, along with the major hospital systems, called a press conference to detail their response to potential Ebola patients.

State lawmakers interrogate members of Gov. Rick Perry’s office over a report that shows half the companies receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s Texas Enterprise Fund, did so without a contract to create jobs and boost the state’s economy.   

The State Auditor’s Report, the first since the fund was created in 2003, found the Governor’s office handed out more than half of the fund’s balance to out-of-state companies that were considering a move to Texas, but had never applied for the state incentives. 

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This morning U.S. oil prices fell to below $80 a barrel briefly before recovering slightly. The price of oil is still 25 percent lower than its summer peak, and the price at the pump is at a four-year low.


A Texas nurses’ organization is calling on hospitals to make sure their nurses have been properly trained to respond to Ebola,, and have updated the equipment used to prevent the spread of the disease. This “call for action" is following the news that a second Dallas nurse had tested positive for Ebola.

City of San Antonio

City officials however, defend their position, and tell TPR’s Ryan Loyd the women lost out because of a lack of performance, not because of their gender

The City of San Antonio and two women who claimed they didn't receive equal pay for equal work have been invited to meet informally and resolve their dispute before any lawsuits are filed.