UN Conspiracies, Communism and the Common Core: These were just some of the critiques brought up during the final public hearing over the revisions and adoption of the state’s 2015 social studies textbooks. 

Conservative activists, and some on the State Board of Education, did not react positively to certain revisions made to a selection of social studies textbooks up for adoption this week.

Mary Lynn Gerstenschlager is a legislative liaison for the conservative Texas Eagle Forum. She testified before the state board on what she saw as a one-sided view of climate change.

Ryan E. Poppe

  A San Antonio judge assigned to Gov. Rick Perry’s criminal trial, has ruled that the actions taken by the prosecution during the Grand Jury trial were legal and fair, and that the case would continue.  The governor’s attorneys are pulling out all stops to get the indictments against him thrown out of court.

Was the Firestone Tire company complicit in the brutal war crimes of Charles Taylor?

Details of the relationship between the American icon and the African country were scant in the 25 -year-old civil war until now. A trove of diplomatic cables and corporate letters were discovered in the basement of an Akron, Ohio courthouse. Akron is the headquarters of Firestone.

Eileen Pace


The SpawGlass Foundation Tuesday awarded a $22,500 dollar grant to the Respite Care Center of San Antonio.

Respite Care’s mission is to help children with special needs to heal from complicated medical procedures or from neglect or abuse, and the funds will provide scholarships to care for more special-needs children.

Babies to young children come in with major disorders, cognitive impairment, and birth defects. Some are injured or addicted to drugs after birth, and the shelter is filled to capacity.

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The federal minimum wage has been $7.25 since 2009. That amount, or something less for exempted positions, is what 3.3 million Americans earn per her hour across the country. Many believe it is time to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage, or a wage that raises a person out of poverty.