Ryan E. Poppe

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he was making good on a promise to provide tax relief to homeowners and businesses.

Abbott signed the bills at one of Austin’s leading technology firms, Advanced Micro Devices. One measure will cut the state’s business franchise tax by 25 percent. 

Ryan E. Poppe

The sound of chainsaws cutting through driftwood or downed trees is commonplace these days along the Blanco River. In May, raging floodwaters lifted homes off their foundations and ripped 50-year old cypress trees out of the ground.  

Linda Moore had about four feet of water in her home and lost nearly lost everything in the flood. “A lot of the trees are down, almost all the trees down by the river are down. My rainwater collection tank floated a little bit. Both my cars were filled with water and totaled,” Moore elaborated.

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MIAMI — The National Hurricane Center says a broad area of low pressure near the Yucatan Peninsula could brew nasty weather along the Texas and Louisiana coasts and inland Monday night and Tuesday.

Hurricane center spokesman Dennis Feltgen says the low may develop into a tropical system. But he says that whether it does or not, it’s likely to slam into the middle and upper Texas coast and west Louisiana with at least 4 to 6 inches of rain and 40-mph winds.

He says that includes parts of Texas that were flooded only weeks ago.


LUBBOCK — The torrential storms of last month essentially ended one of Texas’ worst-ever droughts, but much of the excess water has already flowed into the Gulf of Mexico or will evaporate by year’s end.

With a wary eye toward the next prolonged dry-streak that inevitably will come, some think expanding the use of underground aquifers may help slake the thirst of Texas’ rapidly growing population.

Three trillion gallons of water gushed from swollen Texas rivers into the Gulf of Mexico in May, and another 2 trillion gallons will likely evaporate from state reservoirs by year’s end. Combined, the lost water would be enough to serve Texas’ booming population for an entire year.


FORT WORTH — The Tarrant County district attorney has sent disclosures to defense attorneys in thousands of criminal cases after finding notes from past misdemeanor prosecutors.

Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram she launched the review after 22 binders were discovered and brought to her attention after she took office in January.

Wilson said the binders contained more than 6,000 notes entered by past misdemeanor prosecutors on forms seeking their observations about officers who served as witnesses. She said the forms, dated from 1993 to 2014, raised questions about the credibility of 16 officers and three breathalyzer operators.