Ryan E. Poppe

A San Antonio attorney representing two same-sex couples is asking a federal district judge to join other federal district and appellate courts in lifting the ban on gay marriage in Texas. Part of the original order striking down the ban on the same sex marriage ban in Texas never actually lifted the ban.

City of San Antonio

A new public art installation was dedicated last week. I spoke to the city’s Jimmy LeFlore, who describes the new two-part installation.

“The piece is called 'Crossroads of Enlightenment' and it is a Luminaria that is two towers that are lit from within, cut metal design, and really set off the intersection.”

That intersection is Blanco Road at Basse Road. And those two towers are big.

Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market


San Antonio’s Alamo Quarry Market has terminated its agreement with the Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market which has been operating in front of Whole Foods Market since 2011.

Now, owners are planning to re-open the farmers market in a different location.

The market has been a mainstay for residents and restaurant owners, selling fresh vegetables, natural meats and eggs, prepared foods and other products from the parking lot of the Quarry on Sunday mornings.

San Antonio Symphony
Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

The San Antonio Symphony’s busy season continues, but a slew of concerts over the last two days, is for an audience unlike most. Children by the hundreds filed, in surprisingly orderly fashion, into the Tobin Center Friday to hear "The Planets" by Gustav Holst.

"We have over 3,000 students coming here this morning to hear the concert,” said Jeremy Brimhall, the San Antonio Symphony’s Education Director.

(Click on ‘Listen’ above to hear the symphony)

"The music is so powerful and it showcases our orchestra so well.”

Antonia Padilla

If you’re looking for an alternative to Black Friday shopping madness, we might have found just what you’re looking for. It’s called the Esperanza Peace Market.

“It is a two-day market, styled under the traditional open-air markets that you see around the world.”

Itza Carbahal is with Esperanza.

“We have over a 100 vendors, and that includes both local and international vendors.”

The art is completely handmade and covers a wide variety of items.