Arts & Culture
4:37 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

A 'Small Town Saturday Night' Best Bet In Fredericksburg

Hal Ketchum
David Bourke

Fredericksburg’s Pioneer Museum hosts another concert on Saturday night. It's Hal Ketchum, and you've  probably heard his biggest hit, "Small Town Saturday Night." That one song propelled Ketchum to instant stardom, but he got a late start on the whole showbiz thing.

“I was a 38-year-old cabinetmaker," he said. "To have a number one country record--I don’t think it had been done on that level before.”

The singer-songwriter has been plying his trade quite successfully, with 15 top ten hits since then. As he explained, he somehow finds time to work with wood, too.

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Arts & Culture
4:12 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

Legendary British Rocker Phil Collins Delivers Priceless Collection To The Alamo

Phil Collins at the microphone, with Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.
Jack Morgan TPR Arts

Phil Collins showed up in San Antonio today to give his priceless Alamo collection away to the Alamo. General Land Office Commissioner Jerry Patterson introduced him to a cheering crowd of about 200.

You may well know Collins from his time with Genesis or his huge solo success, but he’s also had a life-long obsession with the Alamo. He spoke of the place in reverential, and at times humorous, tones.

“I’ve had a love affair with this place since I was about five years old,” he said.

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4:01 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

Deaf Exchange Student Inspires Sign Language Classes At Marshall HS

(Right to left) Nicole Linsangan signs with her host sister and mother, Terisha and Carol Ann Broderson, with her former teacher, Gabriella Wolfenberger.
Joey Palacios TPR News

For the past year an exchange student from the Philippines has been living in San Antonio, but what separates her from her peers is that she’s deaf. Her impact at Marshall High School has prompted the school to offer American Sign Language as a course.

18-year-old Nicole Linsangan came to the United States in August of last year with a desire to see the world.

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2014 Election
2:58 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

Texas Democrats Don't Expect Any Platform Shakeups At State Convention

Credit Texas Democratic Party

The Texas Democratic Party’s 2014 state convention starts today and party officials say they are not expecting any major divisions in the party or surprises concerning the party’s platform.

Communication Director Manny Garcia said the conversations they have had with party delegates haven’t been about making any major changes to the party’s platform, just some tweaking.

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The Source - June 26, 2014
1:28 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

The Source: Lies, And The Triumph Of The Journalism That Brought Truth

The history of truth in the political and corporate spheres is a sordid one. Our elected officials have gotten us into wars and our corporate leaders have driven the economy into recession --  both on the assumption that their analysis and statements were honest.

In his new book "935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America's Moral Integrity," Charles Lewis reveals the lies of our public officials and corporate titans while highlighting the journalism and journalists that revealed the lies for what they were.

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Border & Immigration
1:24 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

State Health Officials Concerned With Conditions Inside Living Facilities For Unaccompanied Minors

Thousands of children from Central America are flooding to the U.S-Mexico border and into the custody of U.S. officials.
Michel Marizco Fronteras

Last week the Texas Department of State Health Services toured U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facilities where thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America are living.

While the department has no jurisdiction over the Fort Brown Detention Center in Brownsville and the McAllen Station Detention Center, DSHS Media Relations Director Carrie Williams said they have been able to provide technical assistance and vaccines.

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11:21 am
Thu June 26, 2014

Air Force Strengthening Cyber Security Command In San Antonio

Headquarters of the 688th Cyberspace Wing at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, which expects almost 500 new airman will take new positions as part of the DOD's plan to step-up cyber defense efforts

  The Department of Defense is in the final phase of a major expansion of its cyber security mission in San Antonio.

The Air Force plans to place 1,100 new team members at Joint Base San Antonio and other locations around the city.

The San Antonio congressional delegation announced Wednesday an expansion of the existing cyber security mission headquartered at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, bringing in more than 400 new team members at that site alone.

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Border & Immigration
10:26 am
Thu June 26, 2014

From The Streets Of Honduras, A Look At What Is Driving Thousands Of Children To The U.S.

A group of American missionaries help feed the children living on the streets in Comayagüela, Honduras.
Credit David Martin Davies / TPR News

Thousands of unaccompanied children are coming from Central America, crossing the Rio Grande and being apprehended at the Texas border. They are coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador – but Honduras is the main source.

As night seizes Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the streets of one of the capital city’s toughest neighborhoods, Comayagüela, are virtually deserted. Most people here know that it’s not safe for anyone to be caught out alone at night. This is where the killer gangs are notorious.

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The Source - June 25, 2014
8:50 pm
Wed June 25, 2014

The Source: Peach Crop Is In, And It Is Best In Years

Nancy Lehrer /

People can't stop talking about this year's peach crop. We'll enjoy it while we can because it's not every year that the peaches come in this strongly. Growers talk about the bounty of this year's harvest and one new grower will talk about why she's getting into the family business of peach growing when it is a gamble every year on what the crop will look like.


  • Jamey Vogel, Hill Country Fruit Council
  • Katelyn Duecker, new grower
  • Bob Rose, meteorologist for the Lower Colorado River Authority
  • Rick Priess, grower in Stonewall, TX
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Arts & Culture
3:46 pm
Wed June 25, 2014

'Sister Act' Begins Run At Majestic Theatre

"Sister Act" has started its Majestic Theatre run, and one of its actors has a special San Antonio connection.

Surely you have seen the movie, but if you haven’t, Charles Barksdale details the plot.

“The story is exactly the same. It follows Doloris Van Cartier, who witnesses a murder and hides out in a convent, and she freaks them out and they freak her out and, you know, they all love each other in the end," Barksdale said

This is the road version of the Broadway play and as Barksdale notes, its characters have remained largely intact.

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