David Martin Davies

Host, "The Source," "Texas Matters"

David Martin Davies is  a veteran journalist with over 20 years’ experience covering Texas, the border and Mexico. 

Davies is the host of "The Source," a live call-in news program that airs on KSTX from 12-1 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Since 1999 he was been the host and producer of "Texas Matters," a weekly radio news magazine that looks at the issues, events and people in the Lone Star State. 

Davies' reporting has been featured on National Public Radio, American Public Media's "Marketplace" and the BBC. He has written for "The San Antonio Light", "The San Antonio Express-News," "The Texas Observer" and others.

His reporting has been recognized with numerous awards. Davies was named the 2008 Texas Radio Journalist of the Year by the Houston Press Club. In 2015 he was recognized with two First Amendment Awards by the  Fort Worth Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. The Association for Women in Communications San Antonio Professional Chapter honored Davies with the 2015 Edna McGaffey Media Excellence Headliner Award.

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Last December Diane Rehm signed off for the last time on NPR. It was the final broadcast for her self-titled program that for nearly 40 years provided public radio listeners civil conversations about the most controversial news stories of the day. The nation's power brokers and policy shapers sat across from Rehm, taking questions from her and her listeners.

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On this International Woman's Day, people around the world are able to observe the setbacks and strides made towards advancing women's rights.

Texas farm workers say they are being forced to live in horrible conditions. With open air toilets, no beds, and buildings so old they were built for World War II prisoners of war. Bills are being filed in the legislature to toughen enforcement for farm workers housing.

When Daniela Dwyer – attorney for Rio Grande Legal Aid – spoke about the unacceptable living conditions that Texas farm workers face – she brought a prop – an extra large mason jar filled with scorpions – which she said came from farm worker housing.

David Martin Davies

The ancient rock art painting known as the White Shaman has fascinated Texans for generations. The mysterious painting was created by the native people of Texas thousands of years ago but now it's digitally coming to the San Antonio Witte Museum as part of their new expansion and the People of the Pecos exhibit.

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The Alamo Colleges District is asking Bexar County voters to sign off on a $450 million bond proposal that, if approved, would provide funding for new buildings, renovations and land purchases.