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David Martin Davies is  a veteran journalist with over 20 years’ experience covering Texas, the border and Mexico. 

He is a contributor to National Public Radio, American Public Media's "Marketplace" and the BBC's "The World."  Davies is also the host of KLRN public television’s weekly interview program "Conversations."  He has written for "The San Antonio Light", "The San Antonio Express-News," "The Texas Observer" and others.

His reporting has been recognized with numerous awards.

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David Martin Davies

As Texans head to the polls on Tuesday there will be many choices to make, issues to weigh and candidates to consider. But is the gender of the candidate a factor in Texas elections?

A first-of-its-kind data set reveals that Texas is among the worst in the country in the number of women represented in elected positions, ranking number 46 out of 50 states.

But are Texans less likely to vote for women candidates? Or are women candidates less likely to run for office?

Ryan Loyd / TPR News

On July 22 the members of the San Antonio City Council held a special election to fill the vacant position for Mayor. After council members Ivy Taylor and Ray Lopez split the vote 5-3 in favor of Taylor, Lopez withdrew from consideration, and Taylor was elected with a 9-0 vote. The term runs to May when city elections will be held - that's about six months from now.

And starting Oct 28 at 5 pm Mayor Taylor will kick off a listening tour of San Antonio at the Mission Trails library.

Or you could say she's kicking it off here on The Source.

Hilton Palacio del Rio

One in Eight workers in San Antonio are employed in the Hospitality industry. That includes cooks, waiters, hotel clerks, tour guides and more. 


The economic impact of San Antonio’s hospitality industry has increased 66 percent from 2003 to 2013, representing $13.4 billion annually.

David Martin Davies

Monday was the deadline to register to vote in Texas. And the state’s larger county election offices are reporting a two percent increase in voter registration. That's interesting, because this is a non-presidential year election, which typically generates less enthusiasm. Some are taking that as a sign that the group Battleground Texas is making headway in changing voting patterns in Texas. Battleground Texas is led by veterans of the Obama presidential campaigns and is aligned with Wendy Davis. So is Texas getting ready to show on blue on election day?

David Martin Davies

Ebola was once seen as an obscure but deadly virus. Confined to Central Africa, the pathogen didn’t seem to pose a serious threat to the rest on the world. But due to the recent outbreak that presumption has now changed. The 2004 death toll for Ebola ranges between 4 and 5 thousand people in West Africa and one in Texas.