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Elena Souris is a sophomore at Trinity University pursuing a double major in Communication and Political Science.

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A long-time child safety advocate, Judge Peter Sakai heads San Antonio's 225th District Court, or the "Children's Court." Judge Sakai has recently joined the new Protect Our Children Commission, which is looking into accidental and non-accidental deaths that often result from abuse and neglect.

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In 2011, San Antonio banned smoking cigarettes in public places. However, the ordinance did not specifically include e-cigarettes as a tobacco product. As a result, smokers can use e-cigs indoors, at work, and, really, wherever they want.

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Memories are a crucial part of getting through the day, doing your job, and your identity. While memories can often feel like absolute truth, science doesn't agree. 

Creating and storing memories is not a fail-proof process and is not yet completely understood. According to the most recent theory, when something happens, different parts of the scenario are stored in different areas of the brain. As the memory is recalled, it is actually reconstructed and sometimes pieces are missing or put back in the wrong order.

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Football has faced many scandals and controversies over the last few years. Thanks to issues like concussions, cheating, domestic violence, and racism, the all-American pastime has become a complicated game. 

Despite all of its problems, writer Gregg Easterbrook argues football should not be abandoned just yet. However, he isn't blinded by love of the game and suggests reforms before rejection, starting with limiting youth teams. 

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Standing in front of the Statue of Liberty, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. At the event, he promised the new law would not drastically impact Americans' every day lives and communities.