Jack Morgan

Arts and Culture Reporter

Jack Morgan has spent 35 years in electronic media doing both television and radio.

In his mid 20s he was known as Robbin Banks at two San Angelo FM stations but the bulk of his career has been spent at PBS stations -- from Austin's KLRU, Orlando's WMFE, Burlington's Vermont Public Television, and San Antonio's KLRN.

At KLRN he spent 5 years as director of production where he was responsible for three hour-long programs with the San Antonio Symphony. Jack was also responsible for KLRN's ARTS program during its startup, and co-produced Texas Week With Rick Casey.

Ways To Connect

Lauren Eberhart

In a surprise move, the San Antonio Symphony announced last Friday a new contract with the Musician’s Union, signed before the current season is over with. 

“My name is Lauren Eberhart. I’m the second trumpet with the San Antonio Symphony.”

She’s also the chair of the Union’s negotiating committee. We spoke at a coffee shop.

"We are trying to find a way out of a cycle of hand-to-mouth living for the Symphony. And I think this is a way forward.  Its initial term is two years and it has the option to go for as many as five years.”

South Texas Popular Culture Museum, photographer unknown

A south Texas Music and food venue has been closed for the last four years, but a Sunday event will bring it back, if just in memories. The venue started out as a twin, bell-towered Methodist Church on South Alamo. Eventually it became an eatery, and then a cafe with live music.

“And they called it Casbeers at the Church.”

Michael Ann Corker runs the South Texas Popular Culture Center.

"We like to call it Tex Pop.  We think of ourselves and want to be known as an archive of local music history.”

Edward Benavides

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center tackles an international project that culminates in a big show this weekend. I went recently to watch six members of the Guadalupe Dance Company tap out an intense selection. I spoke to a pair of them afterwards.

"My name is Jeannette Chavez and I am the Dance Program Director here at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts center.”

I asked her to tell me about the program entitled Pisando Fuerte.

Musical Bridges Around The World

Musical Bridges Around the World is staging another interesting concert on Tuesday night June 9th.  It starts with MBAW’s Mission.

“Our mission is uniting people through musical performances and art shows that highlight cultural diversity.”

Anya Grokhovski is their musical director. She was approached by San Antonio’s Canary Island Descendants Association.

“They’re descendants from original Canary Islanders who started this city as we know it now.”

Those descendants wanted Benito Cabrera to come to town to play.

San Antonio Symphony

As South Texas dries out and the weekend looms I've been checking out what’s happening.  First, a San Antonio Symphony stop at the Tobin Center where symphony President David Gross tells us what to expect on Friday and Saturday nights.

"We will be featuring the music of Grieg and the music of Rimsky Korsakov.  The Grieg, it will be Peer Gynt, suites number one and two. And the Rimsky Korsakov will be his great Sheherazade."

“Sounds like an exotic night of music” I said.

"It’s a wonderful collection of music, and what better way to end our season?"