Jack Morgan

Arts and Culture Reporter

Jack Morgan has spent 35 years in electronic media doing both television and radio.

In his mid 20s he was known as Robbin Banks at two San Angelo FM stations but the bulk of his career has been spent at PBS stations -- from Austin's KLRU, Orlando's WMFE, Burlington's Vermont Public Television, and San Antonio's KLRN.

At KLRN he spent 5 years as director of production where he was responsible for three hour-long programs with the San Antonio Symphony. Jack was also responsible for KLRN's ARTS program during its startup, and co-produced Texas Week With Rick Casey.

Ways to Connect

A year to the day after getting World Heritage status, the Missions National Park faces an uncomfortable deadline.  And that deadline involves a lot of money. Susan Chandoah runs Los Compadres, the Missions National Park friends group. 

"Our Missions grant is for $236,000."

That $236,000 is a slice of $2 million that are being given to several National Parks in a peculiar contest of sorts. That contest is one that you can actually participate in.

City of San Antonio

The Neighborhood Film Project wraps up on Wednesday night. Debbie Racca-Sittre is the Department for Culture and Creative Development's interim director.

"We really try to bring people in from across the city so that they can showcase their own film making abilities, and tell about their community, their neighborhoods in a short film."

Richard Termine

From fun at the Guadalupe to political humor to Chubby Checker--the weekend is full of fun.  On Saturday Chubby Checker hits town. Here he explains why the dance he started, The Twist, captivated the country.

"I'm watching the girl, the girl's watching me and we're exploring our sexuality while being fully dressed. And it started with The Twist."

San Antonio Museum of Art

A new art installation at a museum known for its building instead asks you to leave that building and head out of doors.

"We have a fantastic--fun--art installation that's called Mi Casa, Your Casa."

That's San Antonio Museum of Art's Kelso Director, Katie Luber. We stood next to several red, steel sculptures that were in the shape of miniature house frames.

Cynthia Munoz

Kids have been attending summer camps all over South Texas, but we found one that's steeped deep in tradition and passion. Producer Cynthia Munoz says this camp's name explains what it's all about.

"The Summer Mariachi Extravaganza Vocal Camp."

She puts on a high school aged Mariachi Extravaganza every fall, and this singing boot camp is geared to prepare students for that event.

"Nearly 20 cities are represented here with about 50 students that are participating in the summer camp."