Paul Flahive

Producer - "The Source"

Paul Flahive is the producer for Texas Public Radio's live, call-in show, "The Source." He has worked in public radio on and off since he before graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in journalism and political science. While there he worked for the local public radio station, WSUI/KSUI, as a production assistant on their show "Talk of Iowa" as well as a reporter for weekend programs. 

Flahive's love of the audio feature led him east to work for the Third Coast International Audio Festival as an assistant, which was at the time a part of Chicago Public Radio. From there he moved to Alaska to run a journalism-based, after-school program for teenagers called the Alaska Teen Media Institute. Taking a break from full-time journalism, he ran an outreach program for homeless, at-risk youth and victims of human trafficking for Covenant House Alaska. A quick tour as show runner for the live show Arctic Entries led him back to radio.

He is an avid runner (though don't ask him what his marathon times are because he doesn't want to talk about them), and loves Graham Greene characters more than he loves most people. 

Ways To Connect

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A recent investigation by the Austin American-Statesman found that hundreds of law enforcement officers across Texas could not be called as witnesses because they lacked credibility. Instances ranging from outright deception to falsifying evidence have disqualified officers in the minds of District Attorneys in the state. 

ACLU of Texas

Nearly 60,000 minors crossed last spring, primarily from Central America, kicking off widespread debate about what caused the mass influx and how best to deal with it

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In the midst of race riots, police brutality, ISIS beheadings, and the war in Ukraine, a new book is arguing that the world has morally progressed far beyond the likes of which we have seen before, and we have science and rationality to thank for the advances rather than religion.

Museum of Modern Art

An exhibit at the San Antonio Museum of Art takes the public into the private collection of one of the 20th century's greatest patrons of modern art, Nelson Rockefeller.

The tapestries of Pablo Picasso's masterworks, commissioned for the Rockefeller compound at Kykuit, have been largely absent from the art scene, remaining within the family's estate. This is the first time so many of these tapestries have been presented together outside their original home. 

US National Institute of Health NIAID

President Obama announced in his State of the Union Address, and followed up with details in late January, a $215 million plan to better design drugs and therapies to work on individual patients rather than average ones.