Paul Flahive

Technology & Entrepreneurship Reporter; Creator of Worth Repeating

Paul Flahive is the Technology & Entrepreneurship Reporter for Texas Public Radio. He has worked in public media across the country from Iowa City to Chicago to Anchorage then here in San Antonio.

As producer of "The Source," Paul was honored with two 2015 Lone Star Awards from the Houston Press Club, one for Best Talk Program and the other for Best Public Affairs Segment. In 2016 he was honored with an Anson Jones Award from the Texas Medical Association for a story he did on community clinics.

Paul is also a co-host and creator of TPR's live storytelling program, Worth Repeating.

Texas Public Radio is supported by contributors to the Technology and Entrepreneurship News Fund including The 80/20 Foundation, Group 42, rackspace, The Elmendorf Family Fund, UTSA Center for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Denim Group, SecureLogix, VentureLab, Conceptual MindWorks, Inc., and Giles-Parscale.

Ways to Connect

Jesse Campos

Marie Bunch tells us about the coolest uncle she ever had, his violent temper, and how she will never understand the choices made next. 

Jesse Campos

Pope John Paul II came to the United States in 1993. Eddie Vega was a teenager living in McAllen and had never been out of Texas. His church group goes and takes him with. While there he tells this story of a march that may never end, a lost friend, and how he befriended a group of Spaniards.

Family and food are the big stars in this story from Diane Abdo. Diane never thought she would cook the way her mother and aunts and grandmother could. She takes us through her history of preparing the family dishes and how food played such a big role in her family life.

This track was recorded at the December 6, 2016 Worth Repeating with the theme "Never Say Never." Worth Repeating is Texas Public Radio's live storytelling event series.

Jesse Campos

Dom is that enthusiastic guy. He is that guy with the perma-grin. He is that guy that who sees the silver lining. He traces some of that attitude back to a moment when he was 14 years-old and he lost his leg...well...some of it anyway.