Paul Flahive

Technology & Entrepreneurship Reporter; Creator of Worth Repeating

Paul Flahive is the Technology & Entrepreneurship Reporter for Texas Public Radio. He has worked in public media across the country from Iowa City to Chicago to Anchorage then here in San Antonio. 

As producer of "The Source," Paul was honored with two 2015 Lone Star Awards from the Houston Press Club, one for Best Talk Program and the other for Best Public Affairs Segment. In 2016 he was honored with an Anson Jones Award from the Texas Medical Association for a story he did on community clinics.

Paul is also a co-host and creator of TPR's live storytelling program, Worth Repeating.

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Ways to Connect

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The University of Texas San Antonio hosts the 12th National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition this weekend. Ten teams and 80 students representing schools from Alaska to Alabama have advanced through regionals to Thursday's national competition in San Antonio.

"Teams coming in have no idea what exactly they are going to be doing," says Greg White who runs UTSA's Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security.

Elena Souris

Michael Quintanilla is a feature writer for the San Antonio Express-News. He spent a lot of time writing about fashion and pop culture for The LA Times but before that he was just a cub reporter on the late-night police beat.

Elena Souris

Sebastian Lang-Lessing. He is the Music Director of the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra. In this story, Lang-Lessing throws together a last minute party, and he does it effortlessly.  

Elena Souris

Fiesta is about eating and drinking, as much as it is about the pageantry and floats. No other fiesta event fully embraces this side of Fiesta better than Oyster bake. Our next storyteller--Rene De Los Santos –brings us to San Antonio’s Westside and tells us how the event may not be the best venue for a band that VH1 said had one of the best songs of the 90s. 

Elena Souris

For a time Rob Wicall was an icon of San Antonio as important as the Alamo but far more smelly. Tonight he shares with us the story of how that honor can sometimes be a real challenge.