Paul Flahive

Producer - "The Source" & Co-Host, Creator of Worth Repeating

Paul Flahive is the producer for Texas Public Radio's award winning live, call-in program, "The Source." He has worked in public media across the country from Iowa City to Chicago to Anchorage then here in San Antonio.

From 2009 to 2011 he took a break from full-time journalism, to run an outreach program for homeless youth and victims of human trafficking for Covenant House Alaska.

As producer of "The Source," Paul was honored with two 2015 Lone Star Awards from the Houston Press Club, one for Best Talk Program and the other for Best Public Affairs Segment.

Paul is also a co-host and architect of TPR's live storytelling program, Worth Repeating.

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Governor Greg Abbott has written a new rule concerning fetal tissue. The regulation would require abortion providers cremate or bury fetal remains. Many providers contract with specialized landfills that dispose of the remains.  

How unique is the Trump Candidacy? Less than you might think. This country has a presidential election every four years after all, and there are no shortage of characters in the 240 year history of the United States. 

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"Is Eagle Ford boom making people sick?" is a San Antonio Express-News headline from this Sunday. The question mark persists in this oft repeated inquiry because the data is inconclusive. Several families living adjacent to oil and gas developments have reported all kinds of health issues, this story details the litany of maladies suffered by the Lara family of Kenedy, Texas.

It could be argued that in modern American Politics their have never been two less popular major-party candidates for the Presidency. Calls for breaking up the two-party system are not unusual during an election year, but the calls take on new meaning when the candidates have such high unfavorable ratings.