Paul Flahive

Technology & Entrepreneurship Reporter; Creator of Worth Repeating

Paul Flahive is the technology and entrepreneurship reporter for Texas Public Radio. He has worked in public media across the country, from Iowa City to Chicago to Anchorage and now here in San Antonio. 

As producer of "The Source," Paul was honored with two 2015 Lone Star Awards from the Houston Press Club — one for Best Talk Program and the other for Best Public Affairs Segment. In 2016, he was honored with an Anson Jones Award from the Texas Medical Association for a story on community clinics.

Paul is also a co-host and creator of TPR's live storytelling program, Worth Repeating.

Texas Public Radio is supported by contributors to the Technology and Entrepreneurship News Fund, including The 80/20 Foundation, Group 42, rackspace, The Elmendorf Family Fund, University of Texas at San Antonio's Center for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, SecureLogix, United Services Automobile Association and Parscale: A Collaborative Agency.

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Yvette Benavides helps run the 1906, an art gallery at 1906 S. Flores with her husband. She wasn't always a small business owner, though. Yvette started out in insurance, and in her story she traces her path out of that line of work towards a life of love and art. The story leads through the Bay Area's tech industry and to San Antonio, a city she admits she had big reservations about.

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Chef Steve McHugh is a two-time finalist for the James Beard Award, which honors excellence in cooking and service. His restaurant, Cured, has been an anchor at the Pearl since opening in December, 2013. His Worth Repeating story traces how he came to be in San Antonio and began working for himself.

The Wisconsin-born chef was working for a successful restaurant group in New Orleans, the culinary epicenter. But things didn't feel right, and after months of struggling with illness, he realized it was time for a change, from how he ate, to how he lived, and who he worked for. 

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The first thing you notice about Michael Girdley is his height. At 6 foot six inches, he is usually the tallest guy in the room. The next thing you will notice is that Michael is always looking for an opportunity.

He loves to build things. That's why he runs the Geekdom Fund, co-founded  CodeUp, and helps manage the RealCo Seed Fund Program.

It was his love of opportunity that led him to the San Antonio airport one day with a carry-on weighing  over half his body weight (estimated).  

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Hills Snyder is a San Antonio artist and writer.  In this tale, he takes us back in time...first 30 years, then 10 more. He goes back to Austin and then to Southeast Asia. A chance encounter with another artist leads to this fragmented and visceral narrative.

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Jonathan Berman is a medical researcher for UT Health San Antonio. He studies kidneys, how they work and their role in hypertension. He likes his work and is generally happy to focus on it, but in late 2016 something was bothering him. He saw that science was being derided, ignored and taking a backseat to politics. That pissed him off. 

Hear how the March for Science got its start on a couch at a cult compound outside San Antonio.