Ryan Poppe

News Reporter - Capitol

Ryan started his radio career in 2002 working for Austin’s News Radio KLBJ-AM as a show producer for the station's organic gardening shows. This slowly evolved into a role as the morning show producer and later as the group’s executive producer.

Eventually converting into an on-air reporter, Ryan has covered topics ranging from crime to the political process at the state capitol.

Ryan and his wife Mary own a home in Leander. He enjoys spending time at many of areas parks and outdoor spots with his son Luke and listening to live music at some of Austin jazz and reggae hotspots.  

Ryan is the cook in the family and it is understood that the kitchen is his territory. His favorite menu items range from Jamaican to North African fare to modern Thai-cuisine.

Ways to Connect

On night three of the  Democratic National Convention the speakers list will include Jamie Dorff from the Austin suburb of Leander. Jaime lost her husband, Army helicopter pilot Patrick Dorff, 12-years-ago when he was on a search and rescue mission in Iraq.  Their daughter was three at the time.

Jaime will tell the story of how, then Senator Hillary Clinton of New York worked with Republicans and Democrats to increase the gratuity paid to family members of fallen veterans from $12,000 to $100,000.

Ryan Poppe / Texas Public Radio

Bernie Sanders delegates from Texas and other states took over the media work space on the second night of the Democratic National Convention.  Hundreds joined the protest shortly after delegates officially nominated Hillary Clinton.


Tuesday night, when Democrats officially voted for their presidential nominee, most Sanders delegates from Texas resisted suggestions they show unity by casting their ballots for Hillary Clinton. 


National political conventions tend to attract a few celebrities.  Last night actress and San Antonio resident Eva Longoria was on stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.  She said she’s supporting Hillary Clinton.


“Hillary has spent her whole life fighting for all Americans.  From healthcare reform to equal pay for women, she’s been fighting for us for decades and now it’s time we fight for her," Longoria said.


Ryan Poppe / Texas Public Radio

The divide between Texans at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia seemed obvious last night as Bernie Sanders took the stage in an attempt to unify delegates behind Hillary Clinton.

Before Bernie Sanders took the stage  some of his Texas supporters were booing, and Clinton supporters from Texas were telling them to sit down.


But the Vermont senator used his appearance to tell supporters he had campaigned for more than the presidential nomination.

Ryan Poppe / Texas Public Radio

Turmoil within the National Democratic Party has Texas officials recommending two San Antonians to help the Party move forward.  The Castro brothers are part of the conversation.

Leaked emails from Democratic officials critical of Bernie Sanders has the Party looking for a new national chair. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced out Sunday.

Gilberto Hinojosa, head of the Texas Democratic Party,  says U.S. Housing Secretary Julian Castro, and his twin brother Rep. Joaquin Castro could take Democrats into the future.