Ryan Poppe

News Reporter - Capitol

Ryan started his radio career in 2002 working for Austin’s News Radio KLBJ-AM as a show producer for the station's organic gardening shows. This slowly evolved into a role as the morning show producer and later as the group’s executive producer.

Eventually converting into an on-air reporter, Ryan has covered topics ranging from crime to the political process at the state capitol.

Ryan and his wife Mary own a home in Leander. He enjoys spending time at many of areas parks and outdoor spots with his son Luke and listening to live music at some of Austin jazz and reggae hotspots.  

Ryan is the cook in the family and it is understood that the kitchen is his territory. His favorite menu items range from Jamaican to North African fare to modern Thai-cuisine.

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Ryan Poppe



Lawmakers at the state capitol are examining the benefits and liabilities of Texas’ toll ways and whether the state should be in the business of tolling drivers at all, that includes an examination of failing Texas Highway 130 that runs near San Antonio.





One of the tasks set by the legislature in 2015 was to have lawmakers and the state’s transportation authority, TxDOT examine the idea of eliminating toll roads from the over 80-thousand miles of roadway the state manages.  


Texas DPS

As part of the state’s ongoing border security operations, the Department of Public Safety plans to ask the legislature in 2017 for $1 billion.  It is a budget request that has some South Texas lawmakers still asking if the state’s efforts are effective and where is the money being spent?


   The package calls for $200-million more than what the legislature budgeted in 2015, making their 2017 request the largest amount of money ever to be requested for the state’s ongoing efforts to secure the Texas-Mexico border.

Epileptic Council

Members of Texas’ DPS Public Safety Commission have put off establishing the rules for the state's limited medical marijuana law passed in 2015. 

The Department’s Ren Earl Bowie asked commissioners at Thursday’s hearing to postpone any discussion and possible vote on the rules that would establish an online registry of patients, doctors and dispensaries connected to the state’s limited medical marijuana law. That law currently only includes low-THC cannabis oil that is incapable of getting a person “high.”

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The Department of Public Safety is meeting Thursday to go over the latest set of rules connected with Texas’ limited medical marijuana law.  The timeline for implementing the law is on schedule, but that schedule is two years after the law took effect and that has dozens of Texas families uprooting their lives to move to states where medical marijuana is legal and available.

Former Austin Corrections Officer Glen Mays hopelessly clutches his 5-year-old son as his wife records one of young Orion’s many seizures on her cell phone.

Texas Tribune

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is back in Texas this week for a series of fundraising events. Trump will kick off his latest Texas tour on Tuesday with a rally in Austin, one of the state’s most Democratic-leaning cities.


Trump’s rally at the Travis County Expo Center will be the first time he has visited the Lone Star State since becoming his party’s presidential nominee.