W.B. Thompson


The artwork in the header of Texas Public Radio's website was created by W.B. "Bill" Thompson, and is used by permission of the copyright owner, W.B. Thompson. All other use subject to prior written authorization by W.B. Thompson. For additional information, visit www.wbthompson-art.com.

W.B. Thompson


W.B. "Bill" Thompson was born in the Hudson River Valley of New York in 1966. He attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and graduated in 1988. After graduation Bill was encouraged by William Bristow, a professor in Trinity University's Art Department, to show some of his paintings and drawings to galleries and art collectors. The rave reviews by collectors and galleries led Bill to "paint his way through Law School". Bill participated in juried art shows and one man shows while attending Law School, and exhibited his work in the Virgin Islands. His college sweetheart and wife, Lori, grew up in the Virgin Islands and graduated from All Saints Cathedral School in St. Thomas. Bill is a licensed attorney in the Virgin Islands and practiced law in St. Thomas, but now devotes his full time to painting. Bill is a member of the St. Thomas/St. John Arts Council.

Bill says his work is part of a post-millenialist camp that "bridges abstract expression and representational expression." Artists such as The Fauves, Van Gogh, Degas, Toulouse-LauTrec and Matisse have influenced his work. Bill paints and draws with mixed media, namely watercolor, oil pastels, acrylics, and oil paint sticks. Although he utilizes diverse media in varying sizes, his works possess a signature style or attitude that goes beyond a particular media, and which act as a unifying vehicle. Bill paints with a controlled chaos, utilizing abstracting ability, experimentation with diverse materials and especially, full unperturbed use of color.

Bill Thompson has exhibited works throughout the United States and abroad and has works in public and private collections worldwide.

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